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DEAMER DUNN - Acrylic Paintings

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Abstract Landscapes
Yellow North, The Mountain Lion '08 - Mindy Dunn
The Deer'09
The Bear'09
Native Land'09 - Sandy Ayala
Forrest and Stone'09

Streets of Paris
Eiffel Tower at Night'05
Cappucino, Gelato, and Me'04- PSGrill Sale
Ah Paris!'03
La Tour Rouge'03- Cat and Bubba
Rue Barres'03 - Iris Litt
Jeff's Courtyard, I'lle de la Cite'03 -
Mon Vin, Mon Chein '03- Stephen and Nancy Hendler
Mon Pere e Mes Filles'03 (2004 Monterey County Fair 3rd Place!)
Mon Pere e le Passage'03 - Steve and Karen Denmark
Les Apartement'03
Lila'03 - PSGrill Sale
Eiffel on Fire '03- Eric and Jennifer Hegwer
Pompidou Center Funk Band'03
Funk Band Duo'03
Trio du Point'03- PSGrill Sale

Naked Before the World '06
Hanging Out'06
Rain or Shine'06 - GALLERY SALE
Private Joke'06 - PSGrill Sale
Chasing a Dream'06
Bistro Love Talk'05 - PSGrill Sale
Bistro Talk'05
Teen Cafe Talk'05
Ethan'05 Mr. & Mrs. JJ Johnson
Julie'05 Mr. & Mrs. JJ Johnson
Prelude to a Kiss'04

What Will Become of Me?'06
Naked Before the World '06
Ferrari & his Best Friend'06
Rain or Shine'06 - Gallery Sale
Grupo de Foto'06
Chasing a Dream'06
Willy'05 William Clauson
Two for One'05
Amigos del Cocina
'05 - La Placito Restarante
Elena '05 - Elena
Melena '05 - Melena

Picking Peppers '06 - - PSGrill Sale
Point Sur'05
Major Farms Cauliflower Symphony'04 - Eugene & Lucia Martinez
Wade's Highway 68 Lupine'04- Wade and Jeff Fortin
Highway 68 Lupine Field'03-Dave Mahas and Family
Highway 68 Lupine Field & Family'03 - Joseph & Erin Lichens
Lytton Springs Vineyards at Dusk'03

Music & Dance
Samba Bohemians & Dancers - PSGrill Sale
Ferrari & his Best Friend'06- Jeff and Katherine Richmond
Belly Dancer'06 - Patrick Dunn
Jeff's Choir at the Sunset Center'04- Jeff Green
Dancing in Circles'01
Linda's Dancer'01 - Linda Barker
N'awlins Musicians'00
Fiddler . . . . . Drummer . . . . . Guitar . . . . . Trumpet

European Vistas
Old Italian Man with Cane '11
Orvieto'10 - Andrea Rule
Buongiorno Lisa'03
Bongiorno Deamer'03
Lyon Stroll'03 - Carolee Bull & Jean Philipe
A Pause in the Garden'03 Andrew and Erin McLaughlin

Stevens Family Portrait '12-Steven's Family
What Will Become of Me?'06
Madison'06 - Vernon Family
Tallulah and Blocks'06 - Kimberlee & LuLu
Willy'05 William Clauson
- Halle, Peter & Lori
Self-Portrait'05 - Marian Dunn
"How do I Look" '05 Bob & Leslie Kasavan
Suzi '05
Issa '05
Patrick'05 - Kieth & Dolores Badham
Rcirtap (Patrick in Green)'05
Ethan'04 - Mike & Heather Griffen
Renee'04 -
Iris Litt'04 - Dale and Iris
Reni'03 - Maureen Curtis
Milton's Approval'03
Milton's Family'03
Kincheloe's Going Against the Crowd'02-Tom and Lisa Kincheloe
Elena '05 - Elena
Melena '05 - Melena
Willy '05 - Willy Clauson
Two for One'05
Amigos del Cocina
'05 - La Placito Restarante

Animals and Pets
Henry'04 - Mike and Carol Barker
Coco'04 - Carrillo Family
Jake&Jesse'04 - Wynne and Alex Dauerheim
Twisted Cow'03 - Liz Crooke
Jazz and Lisa'04- Lisa Dunn
Fox'04- Deamer Dunn
Muffy'04- Deamer Dunn
Kitmer'04- Deamer Dunn

Sultry '04
I'm so Beautiful '04
Incensed '04
Chronic Pain'03
My Ear Next, Toubled and Disturbed, Me and Van Gogh'03

Portuguese Fishermen:
My Fish, Grande'02
Duet du Poisson'02
Spyra du Poissons'02
Fete du Poissons'02
The Boys: Silva'02 . . . Fagun'02 . . . Tio'02 . . . Macha'02
Walking our Fish'02
My Fish'02 - Gallery Sale
These boots are made for walking fish'02
Three Fishermen in the Fog'03-04

Big Hair Nudes:
Struggling with Beauty '05 - Painting Stolen - Keep an eye out for me
Soaking Up the Sunrise '05 - Sandy Ayala & Dan Dunn
Blue Sue'04
M'lady Matisse, Vert'02
Woman and Cat View'01
M'lady Matisse'01 - Heather and Mike Griffin
Angle Angel'01
Triangle Lady'01
Geo Girl'01 - Jeff and Mindy Dunn
Cozy Pillow Girl'01
Earth, Wind and Fire'01

Around the Farm:
Iceberg Hop'06
Picking Peppers in the Mist'06 - PSGrill Sale
Cauliflower Symphony'04 - Eugene & Lucia Martinez
Cauliflower Picking'04
Pick, Cut and Wrap'04
Dorthea's Guy'02
My Rosa Fields'02 Bob & Leslie Kasavan
French Grape Picker'01
Looking to Get Lucky'01
Salinas Lettuce Picker'01
Salinas Box Loader'01
Lavender Fields Forever'01

Aztecs and south of the Border:
Looking for Rothko'06 - Edmond Benech
Siesta Man'04
Senor Naranja Grande'03
Senor Naranja'02
Two Donkeys'02- Dexter Farm
Donkey Man,02
Senor Donkey'02
Nightime Backpackaztec'01
Sunset over Dunn Quixote'01
Horsecart and Dunn Quixote'01- Gary Winters
Canecutter'01 - Dave and Tammy Macfarlane
Backpackaztec'01- Dave and Tammy Macfarlane
DunnQuixote'01- Wynne Dauernheim
Canecutter2'01- Paul Hardiman
Backpackaztec2'01- Paul Hardiman

The Bean'14 - The Cherrybean Coffee House, Salinas CA
The Bean 2 '14 - Cory and Robin Welsh
Washington Bar & Grill '05
Caesar's Palace Casino'05 - Edmond Benech
In the Trenches'04 - Kimberlee Gayheart
Prayer Beads, Orange'04
Prayer Beads, Green'04
Yellow hands playing Piano'04
SF City Scape- City Lights Bookstore'04
Artist Studio Scrapbook for 2003'04
My Avery Girl - Part of the Furnature'03
My Avery Girl - The Pause'03
Twisted Cow'03 - Liz Crooke
Chef'01- Paul Hardiman
Going against the crowd '01- Grady Harp "Thanks Paul"

Iraq War
Walking Through Destruction'03
Before Takeoff'03
Desert on Fire'03
Alone with Bundle'03
Desert Rat'03 - Rick Carpenter